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Issues and Concerns

This page will be devoted to what is being heard and asked.  I will word it in a sense of someone asking me what my stance is on it personally as well as a proposed representative at the council.

What about the proposed condominium build in Garden Hill  ?

We must accept change is inevitable.  Change is positive in the sense of rejuvenation, opportunity and betterment when managed correctly.  

I broadcasted change when the 407 interchanges were connected to 115/35 highways.  The big city is no longer that further away.  It can bring problems.  


I am personally supportive of growth by way of residential units, and additional residential units, which the province has mandated municipalities to be supportive of.  This growth needs to be managed correctly so as to not jeopardize the culture and quality of life we have.  The ideal location for this growth is in an area I will refer to as the Urban and Rural Interface (URRU), the Hwy 401 corridor.  This area can be adapted with proper infrastructure support for water, sewage and other services. Growth should occur outwards from urban, not from rural to urban.

I believe I have heard the residents of Garden Hill and although some may not be totally aligned with my thinking, they are not supportive of the proposed build condominium build.  With that, I am opposed and will work to defeat such an adventure.

What do we do about Homelessness ?

Not a simple solution.  Although this has a direct impact on Ward 1, it also resonates with Ward 2.  I have been privileged in researching this area in law, as there is overlap with homelessness and perceived criminal activity.

Supportive social elements at multiple political levels need to form a task force to address.  Use models that have worked internationally in addressing homelessness and start the process for change here, instead of repeating mistakes.  Shoving or removing the issue by force does not address the problem, it simply relocates it.  It is a vicious cycle.

Finland used what is referred to as the staircase model in rebuilding the lives of those who are affected by homelessness.  This also impacted recidivism and another program referred to used within Scandinavia further impacted this reduction in crime.

Our system is broken, we can not continue going in circles.  I would gladly champion this cause and initiate governmental, NGO, and private with the cooperation and collaboration of community members to initiate a program similar to that of Finland and others to mitigate homelessness. 

Like crime, we will never prevent homelessness, but we can certainly reduce or mitigate it.

Do you believe in hunting ?

Very opened ended question.


I fully support those individuals who hunt for necessity - food.


I do not support any individual who hunts for sport.  I believe it should be made illegal at all levels.

What is your view on nature, such as trees and alike?

Similar to the above, very open-ended question.

I love nature, it brings peace, tranquillity and as required, solitude. Nothing better than having a morning coffee on ur porch and looking at the deer at the tree line.

I encourage and use trees and foliage in my teachings as it builds resiliency to ground erosion and flooding.

I have had to cut down trees because of the risk associated with injury and damage to our new home.  I have also had to cut down damaged trees as well as a few healthy ones to support the building of a new barn.

As a subscriber to the  MFTIP  

( and the GRCA Tree Planting program (, any trees because of necessity that have been removed, have been replaced 10 fold. We must maintain this replenishment when removing trees for human resiliency.

Water, water, water! 

I was ignorant until meeting community members, particularly in Welcome, where town water is feet away from their home, yet they do not have access.  This is despite signing up for installation and willing to pay for installation.  Further, road salt has made the dug wells in  the area undrinkable.  This is not acceptable.

The Supreme of Canada further supports my statement of being unacceptable.  Tort law, specifically nuisance law has held municipalities accountable for the exact same causes such as above.  

We must do the right thing in this matter and install the water.


Schenck et al. v. The Queen in right of Ontario; Rokeby v. The Queen in right of Ontario, 1984


What is your view on firearm possession ?

I have been involved in the use and handling of firearms since the age of 18. I can attest to no firearm ever having harmed or killed an individual during my four decades.  I can attest to arresting and being involved in 100's of incidents where a person has chosen to inflict harm and death on another individual using a firearm as well as other weapons.  People harm people - period.

Outlawing firearm possession will not prevent, injury and/or death. We are too close to a major centre where illegal firearms can be obtained - the United States. Australie and other geographic locations have seen success because of their border control.  We can not mimic this success until the USA does a radical change to their Constution, which will not occur anytime soon.

My opinion is based on research and empirical evidence, it goes beyond opinion.    

Do I own firearms? Yes.  A few reasons.  Our ranch in BC was very remote.  We had grizzly, wolves and other predatory animals walk in close vicinity to our home and farm animals - chickens, horses...I can tell you I have yet had to kill a predatory animal.  Have I discharged the firearm to scare them off on occasion? Yes. This actually was with coyotes here in Port Hope who were taking a liking to our free-range chickens one day. 

I also still train professionals in the safe handling and use of firearms.


More to Come...

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