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Issues and Concerns

This page is a representation on what issues and concerns have been addressed.

Garden Hill Farmers Market - December 2022

As a result of successfully presenting to Northumberland Council February 27, 2023 on initiating traffic calming techniques for Port Hope Hamlets, I was aksed to present to AlnwickHaldimand Council as well so they could encorporate.

Hydro One - Interruptions - January 2023

Community members voiced concern over repeated interruptions in rural community over hydro one dlivery of electricity.  CAO per request initiated concern/investigation with Hydro One. 

One investigation complete, another one started.  

Strong vocal supporter for the Ferguson family and occasionally at odds with others on supporting the finalization of the Garden Hills Farmers Market.

Xplornet - Quality of life interruption - March 2023

Recent install of Xplorenet tower had a bright white light emitting in evening hours disturbing community members sleeping patterns.  Numerous phone calls to various authorities including MP, resulted in immediate rectification.

Water, water, water! 

I was ignorant until meeting community members, particularly in Welcome, where town water is feet away from their home, yet they do not have access.  This is despite signing up for installation and willing to pay for installation.  Further, road salt has made the dug wells in  the area undrinkable.  This is not acceptable.

The Supreme of Canada further supports my statement of being unacceptable.  Tort law, specifically nuisance law has held municipalities accountable for the exact same causes such as above.  

We must do the right thing in this matter and install the water.


Schenck et al. v. The Queen in right of Ontario; Rokeby v. The Queen in right of Ontario, 1984


Road Safety - February 2023

More to Come...

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