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Hi, I'm Chris


We are proud residents of Ward 2, Port Hope with an operating farm of 200 acres and our precious animals, horses, dogs and cats, plus our precious ladies aka honey bees.


I started my life experience with the Canadian Armed Forces attached to the 2nd Field Ambulance (SSF). I entered policing with the Halton Regional Police Service with experience and expertise in such units as homicide, street crime, drugs and morality, education and training (Officer in Charge), as well as hostage rescue team (Commander). police coordinator and/or incident commander for large events such as the Canadian Golf Open, Olympics, PanAm, Invictus Games and other events and festivities.

I instruct privately in government agencies, corporations and institutions and have been for over 30 years in a variety of areas. I am a full-time faculty member of Centennial College in the Emergency Management Institute, Police Foundations.

I have a Doctorate in Business Administration, a Master of Law, a Master of Science in Emergency Management and an undergraduate in Criminal Justice. I hold a certificate in Law of Emergencies and Adjudication, for Administrative Agencies, Boards and Tribunals, from Osgoode Hall Law School, as well as others.   

Proud father and partner (husband), and resident of Port Hope. The family has been involved socially, as well as corporately in the area for decades.


My personal values of humility versus grand standing in community involvement are noted in my volunteering within the community - Military Cadet Corps, Ski Patrol, Coach, and more.  I prefer to be a silent knight.  



Managing progression while maintaining the culture of Rural Port Hope and improving the quality of life

  • Establishing and managing short and long-term infrastructure goals

    • Growth is inevitable.  We must learn from other municipalities and history.  Infrastructure and adequate services must be in place before permits and development occur.  This growth should occur outwards from the urban and rural interface. 

  • Equality and equity with urban Port Hope - Ward 1

    • Rural Port Hope does not receive the same services and support as Urban Port Hope.  The wards are the dividing line between urban and rural, yet the municipality through escalation of taxes treats the community of rural Port Hope the same.  Rural Port Hope wants equality and equity - cell service, internet, garbage, roadway maintenance...

  • Increasing support for rural residents with increased accountability

    • Agriculture and rural businesses are substantial contributors to the economic viability of the Port Hope community.  Port Hope needs to strengthen its support by reducing barriers and hardships when already productive businesses wish to expand - e.g. Jamie Ferguson Garden Hill.  Expediting and approval of permits will support this growth.  Holding officials accountable for unnecessary delays through proper management and leadership is not occurring. Servant leadership needs to be in place with transformational foundation for our community as a whole.  

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